Worship at Atholton

Atholton’s corporate worship service is a multi-generational, multi-cultural, family-friendly service with aspects that appeal to a broad range of worshipers. It can be characterized as a blend of traditional and contemporary components that combine to offer a pleasing mosaic of opportunities for worship, spiritual growth, and fellowship.

Congregationally-sung music, interspersed throughout the service, ranges from organ-accompanied traditional hymns to contemporary worship music played on a piano and electronic keyboard, led by a praise team, and projected on a screen at the front. Children are included in the service as they take up a worthy-student-fund offering and listen to a short story or Biblical illustration. Other participatory components include an opportunity to give tithes (10% of one’s income) and thank offerings, responsively-read scripture selections, and a time of spoken prayer to which each worshiper adds his own silent praises and petitions. Sometimes the service will include a musical offering by groups or individuals. Worshipers are then fed on the meat of The Word through a practical Bible-based sermon designed to help one see God more clearly, better understand His will for each one, and provide strength to live as a Christian during the week.

All of these aspects of worship are designed to give the worshiper the opportunity to experience the thrill of true worship—to encounter God and connect with Him in a meaningful way; to give God joy through offerings of praise, prayer, and surrender; and to hear the Word of God speaking in a personal way.

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6520 Martin Road, Columbia, Maryland 21044

6520 Martin Road, Columbia, Maryland 21044