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Welcome to Atholton

Farewell, summer break! As our Academy is set to kick off a new school year, we will dedicate the faculty, staff and all educators present with a prayer of consecration. And our teaching this week will pick up on last week’s message by answering the question, “Once we know we have been redeemed, what is God’s plan for growing in intimacy with Him?” Discover the missing element that has the potential to transform your spiritual life...if you dare. Pastor John has titled it, “Going it Alone.” Welcome to Atholton!

Today: Hospitality Lunch

Each week after the service a complimentary vegetarian luncheon is provided for guests. This Sabbath’s menu is hosted by the Fellowship Luncheon team. Next week is Marilyn Perez’s team which suggests bringing picnic foods. Thank you so much to the many members and wonderful cooks who generously support this ministry each week. In our mission to welcome neighbors, guests, and friends, you play an important and delicious role.

Today: Growing Smaller Workshop

Sabbath, Aug 17 at 2:00 pm At the core, we are a society that is craving meaningful relationships. How do I overcome my fear and be part of a community group? In this workshop, Pastor John will share from experience and inspiration how we grow bigger by growing small and what are the pieces for a successful small group. You can make a difference in someone’s life.

Atholton Pathfinder Club

OSHKOSH 2019 Our Pathfinder children and staff will be returning tomorrow from the Pathfinder Camporee in Oshkosh, WI. Please pray specifically for their safety. Hope TV will be live streaming the evening and Sabbath programs.

Atholton Alligator Club

Atholton Alligators Discovery/Adventurer Club invites you and your children ages 1-9 to join our club! Registration – this Wednesday, August 21, 3:30-7 pm, in the church lobby. Meetings – the third Wednesday of each month (September-May), 6:15p-8p, starting September 18. The theme this year is — “Prayer”. If you have any questions, please contact Anastasia Elliott: 443-765- 8074, For registration forms, schedule and more please visit:

Children's Evagelistic Services

August 26-31 from 6-7 pm. Calling all children in grades 4-7. The Children’s Ministry department is hosting an evangelistic service just for you! This event will be hosted under the big tent under the theme “End Game”. We are looking forward to an amazing adventure as we learn more about Jesus! You don’t want to miss it!. For more information contact Pastor Anastacia:

"In Search of Meaning: Archaeology and the Bible"

will begin on September 20 with identical sessions at 6:00 pm and 7:30 pm. Please mark it on your calendar so you won’t miss this outreach opportunity. Be thinking of the Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbors and Co-workers that you committed to pray for and to invite. YOU are necessary for the success of our program. Meetings are on Friday, Sabbath and Sunday for 5 weekends.

2nd Annual Backyard Bash

Sunday, September 15. Mark your calendars for the 2nd Annual Backyard Bash on Sunday, September 15!! Featuring a 5k run, a fun run, bounce houses, food trucks, and more. Open at 6:30 am for an 8 am 5K run, 8:45 am fun run, 9 am breakfast, 10 am-2 pm community festivities. To register for the 5k (and for more information) go to:

Tag! You're It!

Enter the Backyard Bash Facebook Contest! In just a few weeks, the Backyard Bash will return in its second year to host a day filled with fun, food, and a certified 5k race course! View the Facebook Backyard Bash Video (, share on your page, and tag as many of your friends possible. The person with the most tags by noon EST on August 26 will win a gift card to Roots health food store. *Contest only applies to Maryland, DC, and VA residents.

Backyard Bash Training Group

Runners and non-runners alike welcome to join this training group. We meet at Lake Kittamaquindi Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm. If you have any questions e-mail

VBS Reunion Dates!

If you enjoyed VBS this year, you’re not going to want to miss our monthly VBS reunions. Mark your calendars for 2:30 pm for the following dates: October 12, November 9, January 11, 2020, February 8, 2020, March 14, 2020, April 11, 2020

Atholton Church Security

Church security is everyone’s responsibility. Please help us keep our church safe and secure by ensuring that doors (especially exterior doors) properly latch when closing. Keep track of all personal items (purse, cell phone, tablets) so that they are not left behind in the building. Hide items left in cars so they are not visible. Finally, our children are our most precious possessions and we must ensure their safety. Please keep your children with you or know that they are with a trusted adult. NEVER let children wander the building without adult supervision. Thanks for your cooperation.

Publication Report July 2019:

HISTORY: In December 2011 the Grow In Faith Together (GIFT) Sabbath School Class established the Literature Distribution Project (donation basket is located in foyer). Since that time, thousands of Adventist Reviews, Liberty Magazines, Quarterlies, Guides, Children’s material, miscellaneous pamphlets, and books have been given distributed. Recipients include: any military, veteran centers, the National Children’s Center, shelters, hospitals, clinics, prison ministries etc. All types of greeting cards (blanks or front of card) are accepted.

Some interesting dates have been spotted, see below. PLEASE REMOVE YOUR NAME LABEL - PROTECT YOUR IDENTITY!!

Some interesting dates spotted. Oldest Review (1959), Oldest quarterly (1967), Oldest Visitor Magazine (1989, 1993); Oldest Liberty Magazine (1987);

July 2019 Distribution

Reviews: 42

pamphlets: 22

SS Quarterlies: 37

books: 7

miscellaneous: 17

children’s materials: 125

greeting cards 8

calendars 2

Senior Ministries Special

SOLDIERS SEND THANKS ... Have you wondered what happens to the items placed into the lobby Publication Basket? Recently, we heard first-hand from attending an Annapolis area, “ANY SOLDIER” meeting, what happens with acts of kindness and how seeds spread.

At the meeting, the chairman read an email from a colonel and chaplin, in Afghanistan. Both thanked the Atholton School & Adventurers for their personalized Christmas and Valentine cards. Our school was made aware of this earlier in the week. Senior Ministries had placed notes in parcels advising what school made the cards. An added plus, one of the “ANY SOLDIER” members met a soldier. who was an actual recipient of a hand-made Atholton card. The soldier shared how much the troops appreciate this act of kindness. She said, “ it is more than we know !” God Bless You !!

A BIG THANK YOU to the Atholton members for material they received (from the lobby Publications Basket). The email stated “Religious books fly off the common area tables faster than mysteries or novels.” stated the chaplain. He added, “Soldiers find the smaller pamphlets (Steps To Christ size, etc) very convenient to place into their cargo pants”. The pamphlets give our military comfort when on bivouac, and during off-duty times.

The Publication Basket is a project of the Growing In Faith Together (GIFT) Sabbath School Class. Since it was established in 2011,thousands of publications have gone to various organizations. The basket is emptied monthly and, with a prayer, distributed to a number of agencies.

THE CHALLENGE ... Both the colonel and chaplain mentioned how much the troops enjoy personalized notes. Senior Ministries would like to challenge the Atholton members to write personalized notes to the troops. Place note(s) in envelope(s) marked “ANY SOLDIER”, place the envelope into the Publication basket. Your message will lift up the spirits of our military. What to say? Thank them for their service, for serving our great nation, their sacrifice, thinking of you, or personalize with your own words. It means a lot to the troops. When doing your holiday cards, remember our soldiers, leave cards in the basket by November 1.

Envelopes are mailed by an area American Legion. Last year, the Annapolis area “ANY SOLDIER” members mailed over 5,000 Christmas Cards - this year the goal is 8,000 or more. Cards will be distributed by the Military to bases around the world. Thank you for all your contributions -- one never knows what impact it will have on someone, somewhere in the world!

- Cecil and Ingrid Lemon, Candy Iverson

Senior Ministries Team

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Worship Sabbath August 17, 2019

This week's service details, including sermon title, and scripture reading.Read More

Adult Sabbath School 9:30 - 10:40 a.m.

Children and Youth Sabbath School 9:30 a.m. - 10:40 a.m.

Meditation 10:40 a.m. - 10:50 a.m.

The Church in Worship 10:50 a.m.

Worship in the Word: "Going It Alone," by Pastor John Rengifo

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Week At A Glance

A detailed preview of this weeks schedule of events.Read More

August 17-August 24, 2019

Sabbath the 17th

9:30 am Adult Bible Study and Children's Sabbath School

10:50 am Worship Service:

12:30 pm Fellowship Meal

2:00 pm Growing Smaller Workshop

2:00 pm How to Prevent Falls Seminar

7:59 pm Sunset

Sunday the 18th

12:00 noon Claude Beecher Funeral (viewing: 10 am - noon)

Monday the 19th

7:00 pm Church Board

Wednesday the 21st

10:00 am Midday Bible Study

12:00 pm Prayer Line: 605.468.8040 (access #2368)

3:30 - 7:00 pm Atholton Alligators Discovery/Adventurers Registration

7:00 pm Revelation Speaks

Friday the 23rd

8:50 pm Sunset

Sabbath the 24th

9:30 am Adult Bible Study and Children's Sabbath School

10:50 am Worship Service: Pastor Anastacia Ferguso-Bansie, speaker

12:30 pm Fellowship Meal

2:00 pm How to Prevent Falls Seminar

2:00 pm Living Water Group Study

7:49 pm Sunset

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Community News

Love for a Lifetime SeminarSabbath, Sept. 14, at the North American Headquarters. Find a deeper and more meaningful marriage with your spouse than …Read More

Love for a Lifetime Seminar

Sabbath, Sept. 14, at the North American Headquarters. Find a deeper and more meaningful marriage with your spouse than ever before. Join Drs. Claudio and Pam Consuegra for this one day marriage enrichment seminar. $95 includes lunch and materials, preregristration necessary:

Women's Ministries Retreat

for the Chesapeake Conference. November 22, 2019 in Ocean City, MD. “Deeper Love: Experiencing Jesus” with Andrea Jakobsons (English) and Marta Dufis (Spanish). For more information:

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Church Business

Offering ScheduleAugust 17 - Atholton Combined OfferingAugust 24 - Chesapeake Advance As of August 10, 2019Needed Weekly …Read More

Offering Schedule

  • August 17 - Atholton Combined Offering
  • August 24 - Chesapeake Advance

As of August 10, 2019

Needed Weekly $5,373
Received for the Week $2,572
Needed Fiscal YTD $33,698
Received Fiscal YTD $22,759
Surplus/(Needed) ($10,939)

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