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Welcome to Atholton

Answering God’s call often costs something.

The incarnation of the Son of God carried risks

of monumental proportions and cost heaven

everything. Accepting God’s call to give birth

to the baby Jesus came with a price to Mary.

And the call on Joseph to take responsibility for

Jesus and His mother came with a cost. God

does not use people as accessories for merely

achieving some end. Our teaching this week

will show how in all things God is building His

character in us as agents of His power and

grace. Welcome to Atholton!

Hospitality Luncheon

Each week after the service, a complimentary

vegetarian luncheon is provided downstairs

in the gymnasium for guests. This Sabbath’s

menu is loaf, salad, vegetables, rolls, fruits

& desserts. Next Sabbath’s meal is an open


Thank you to our hospitality teams for faithfully

providing and preparing delicious meals for our

guests! This is a big commitment of time and

personal expense. Members who participate

are encouraged to support by bringing food to

share and by offering assistance during or after

meals. Your support is greatly appreciated. It

makes a big difference!

Thanksgiving Baskets

On behalf of Cradlerock Elementary School

we would like to thank you for providing

Thanksgiving baskets to the Cradlerock School

and Community. You helped feed 28 families.

We value our 15 year partnership with you

and greatly appreciate your generosity and

commitment to making a difference in the

lives of our students and staff. Thank you from

Cradlerock Elementary School.

Financial Assistance

Limited Financial Assistance is available for

those entering the 11th/12th grade in the

2019/2020 school year. Students must be

attending an academy in the Columbia Union.

Only online applications will be accepted

through the FACTS portal that can be accessed

only through our church website (http://www. Criteria and more detailed

information is available under “Resources”

at our church website. The deadline for

applications is March 1, 2019.

The December Stewpot

The December 2018 edition of the Chesapeake

Conference Stewardship Ministries’ The Stewpot

is available in the church lobby.

Adventist Community Services Offering Today

Adventist Community Services (ACS) is an

outreach ministry for the Seventh-day Adventist

Church in the North American Division. ACS

serves communities by providing assistance

to people affected by flooding, fire, and other

disasters to touch one heart and transform our

communities. Today’s offering will help ACS

continue this important work. Learn more or

donate at

Atholton Church Security

The security of our church is every member’s

responsibility. Please help us keep our church

safe and secure by ensuring that doors properly

latch after you have used them, especially

exterior doors. Also, keep track of your personal

items (purses, cell phones, and tablets) as we

frequently have them left behind or in cars

which makes them easy targets for thieves.

One final reminder and that is that our children

are our most precious and valuable items at

our church and we must ensure their safety so

please keep your children with you unless you

know they are being supervised by an adult

you trust. NEVER let your children wander the

building without adult supervision!

Senior Ministries

SENIOR MINISTRIES wishes to express its

thanks to the Adventurers for their participation

in the new Adopt-a-Senior program. And to the

deaconesses for being involved and for their

cards that have meant a lot.

Notary Services

We would like to make a list of area notaries

to share with the church. If you are a notary

public would you please contact Ingrid Lemon

at (410) 672-2435 and let her know. Thank


December Senior Nugget

December’s Senior Nugget (publication for all

ages) features How To Simplify Your Life - Get


Read more in this month’s Senior Nugget.

Copies may be obtained on the foyer counter or

viewed on Atholton’s website.

Publication Distribution Report for November 2018

In December 2011 the Growing In Faith

Together Sabbath School Class established

the Literature Distribution Project (donation

basket is located in foyer). Since that time,

thousands of Adventist Reviews, World Reports,

Liberty magazines, quarterlies, Junior Guides,

children’s material, miscellaneous pamphlets,

and books have been given and distributed.

Recipients include: veteran centers, National

Children’s Center, shelters, hospitals, clinics,

prison ministries and other locations. Thanks

for your generous recycling assistance. Now all

types of greeting cards (front of card only) are

being accepted. Please remember to remove

your personal information labels from all donated



Adventist Reviews 12

Pamphlets 21

Sabbath School Quarterlies 9

Miscellaneous 4

Children’s Material 62

Books 3

Greeting Cards 15

Library Lines

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and

His righteousness;And all these things will be

added unto you. (Matthew 6:33, KJV)

Steep your life in God-reality, God-initiative,


Don’t worry about missing out.

You’ll find all your everyday human concerns

will be met. (Matthew 6:33, The Message)

Vernard Eller’s The Simple Life: The Christian

Stance Toward Possessions(Eerdmans, 1973)

examines this verse and all of its ramifications.

Don’t be put off by the publication date; it’s as

fresh today as when it rolled off the presses.

Eller explains how Jesus distinguishes

between “the first” (absolute loyalty to

God) and “the rest.” Simplicity, therefore, is

looking at the world through the mind(set) of

Christ (Philippians 2:5): It is a unique type of

hedonism, of enjoyment. We are not asked to

engage in asceticism--denial of the material

world—or dissociation from society in order

to remain “spiritual.” At the same time as we

enjoy all that he has made, Jesus asks us

to work for social justice and for a safe and

beautiful earth. This will never happen, Eller

explains, if we are so busy lighting our lanterns

that we forget to look up to the stars. Ultimately,

simplicity lies in the throwing away of anxiety as

we open our eyes and hearts to “the first,” the

loving embrace of Jesus.

I’m reminded of a joke in which a rich man

arrives at the gates of heaven carrying a

suitcase heavy with gold bars. “Hey!” he

exclaims to St. Peter. “You really cantake it

with you!” St. Peter responds, “What do you

mean? We use them to pave the streets here.”

I enjoy this story because it neither dismisses

the value of gold on earth nor its utter

worthlessness in heaven.

Check out The Simple Lifeat your Atholton

Church Library! --Terese Thonus

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Worship Sabbath December 8, 2018

This week's service details, including sermon title, and scripture reading.Read More

Adult Sabbath School 9:30 - 10:40 a.m.

Children and Youth Sabbath School 9:30 a.m. - 10:40 a.m.

Meditation - 10:40 a.m. - 10:50 a.m.

The Church in Worship 10:50

Worship in the Word "The Surrogate," by Pastor Jarod Thomas

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Week At A Glance

A detailed preview of this weeks schedule of events.Read More

December 8-15, 2018

Sabbath the 8th

9:30 am Adult Bible Study and Children's Sabbath School

10:50 am Worship Service with Pastor Jarod Thomas

12:30 pm Hospitality Luncheon

1:30 pm Personal Ministry Training

4:43 pm Sunset

Monday the 10th

7:00 pm Finance Committee

Wednesday the 12th

10:00 am Midday Bible Study

12:00 pm Prayer Line: 605.468.8040 (access #2368)

6:00 pm Adventurers Club Meeting

7:00 pm Prayer Meeting

Thursday the 13th

7:00 pm AAA Christmas Program

Friday the 14th

4:44 pm Sunset

Sabbath the 15th

9:30 am Adult Bible Study and Children's Sabbath School

10:50 am Worship Service with Pastor Hensley Moorooven

12:30 pm Fellowship Luncheon

4:44 pm Sunset

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Community News

Faith for Today Lifestyle Magazine is a half hour television talk show focused on living a full, healthy and balanced life. It is the second longest …Read More

Faith for Today

Lifestyle Magazine is a half hour television talk show focused on living a full, healthy and balanced life. It is the second longest show o the air after "Meet the Press." The show features panel discussions, interviews and demonstration segments focused on whole life health, including fitness, nutrition, relationships, outlook and more. This multiple award-winning show reaches a wide age demographic and covers a wide variety of topics. It was recently voted a Top 20 brand influencer for health & fitness on Twitter (above Shape Magazine, GQ and more) by analyst group Onalytics.

Each week, you can view our programs on the following:

  • Sky Angel Faith Family TV
  • Uplift TV
  • DirecTV channel 368 or 378
  • NRB Network
  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • AmazonFire TV

Please be sure to check these network's websites for air times and dates or call our office at (805) 955-7681

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Church Business

Offering ScheduleDecember 15 - Atholton Combined OfferingDecember 22 - Chesapeake AdvanceAs of December 1, 2018Needed Weekly …Read More

Offering Schedule

  • December 15 - Atholton Combined Offering
  • December 22 - Chesapeake Advance

As of December 1, 2018

Needed Weekly $5,370
Received for the Week $4,913
Needed Fiscal YTD $118,137
Received Fiscal YTD $101,044
Surplus/(Needed) ($17,093)

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