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Taste and See

"Taste and see that the Lord is good. Blessed is the person who goes to Him for safety." Psalm 34:8, NIrV

Since the beginning of the Christian Church, its life has centered on the shared meal. The very acts of cooking and eating and talking with one another brings us together in a mysterious and sacred way. This year not only will the Adventurers (along with their families) share a wholesome meal before the monthly meeting, but we will learn about God's amazing design for our bodies and the optimum fuel to nourish them with.

Come and taste the natural flavors He imbued into the foods given to Adam and Even in the Garden of Eden! And in between the meetings listed below, taste the sweetness of God as He meets us in his Word:

"How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!" Psalm 119:103, ESV

Schedule and Menus

The theme for the 2017-2018 year was "Taste and See". We learned about the advantages of a plant-based whole food diet and how it can take good care of our body as a temple of the Holy Spirit. Kids and their families had a chance to cook and taste delicious and nutritious food, including light suppers, which were provided before each Wednesday meeting. What follows was our menu.

Event Menu Topic Activity
(Aug 16, 23)
ice cream with toppings Nutrition 101
Fun Day
(Sept 17)
Big Mac, mushroom burgers, tofu egg salad, mock tuna salad Sack lunch
(Sept 20)
burritos (tortillas, brown rice, beans, diced tomatoes, shredded lettuce, corn, salsa, vegan mayo, guacamole, cheese), blueberries
(Oct 7)
carrot hotdogs, s'more cupcakes, fruit & veggies, grilled corn The Creation Story, Daniel & his Friends
(Oct 18)
hummus, carrots & celery, crackers & grapes Drinking Water drinking competition
(Nov 15)
mashed potatoes, gravy, veggie balls, green beans & apple pieces Food Plate Food Plate cut outs
Christmas Party
(Dec 2)
veggie dip, entre, side, salad, bread, dessert Christmas Cookies baking & decorating
(Dec 13)
soup with corn muffins, clementines Plant Based & Whole Food Clementine squeeze
(Jan 17)
mac'n'cheese, peas & carrots, strawberries, blueberries & grapes Rainbow Rainbow Collage
Skate Night
(Jan 20)
pizza & salad pizza making & salad chopping
(Feb 21)
sweet & white potato fries, ketchup, baked tofu, French toast & pears Reading Labels order labels
(Mar 21)
burger & mango God vs.
SAD diet
Food tricks slides: which one is better?
(Apr 7-8)
dinner & healthy breakfast ideas, cereal, scrambled tofu, potatoes & ketchup; fruit labels, Engine 2
(Apr 18)
chickpea salad rolls & oranges Diabetes & Cancer Diabetes slide & fiber cartoon song
(May 16)
hummus, carrots & celery, crackers/rice cakes & pineapple Review final test
(May 18)

Theme song

Sing along with the theme song for the year, courtesy of Yancy and friends.