Every member growing spiritually and sharing their faith daily.

Summer Revival

Take a few minutes to read one chapter from the gospel of John today and use the link to the short guided Bible study at the InterVarsity Press website's daily Bible study page. Scroll to the bottom of the introduction to click on the specific chapter that we will study for that day. Feel free to do this activity personally, as a family, or with a friend, or as a small group. All that matters is that we are united as a church family in this endeavor. At the beginning and end of each study is a topic to consider and pray for.

  • Sunday, June 12—John 1
  • Monday, June 13—John 2
  • Tuesday, June 14—John 3
  • Wednesday, June 15—John 4
  • Thursday, June 16—John 5
  • Friday, June 17—John 6
  • Sabbath, June 18—John 7
  • Sunday, June 19—John 8
  • Monday, June 20—John 9
  • Tuesday, June 21—John 10
  • Wednesday, June 22—John 11
  • Thursday, June 23—John 12
  • Friday, Jun 24—John 13
  • Sabbath, June 25—John 14
  • Sunday, June 26—John 15
  • Monday, June 27—John 16
  • Tuesday, June 28—John 17
  • Wednesday, June 29—John 18
  • Thursday, June 30—John 19
  • Friday, July 1—John 20
  • Sabbath, July 2—John 21

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