Every member growing spiritually and sharing their faith daily.

Sabbath Schools for Children and Youth

Beginners (Cradle Roll) - (Ages 0 - 4th birthday)

An interactive program revolving around a theme focusing on God's love and care for me. The program includes songs, activities, finger plays, poems and Bible stories. A Bible lesson which changes monthly is also taught and children are encouraged to memorize a memory verse. Parents are encouraged to attend with their child. Click here for the Bible Study Guide

Kindergarten - (Age 4 - through completion of school Kindergarten)

A multifaceted program using the GraceLinks curriculum which focuses on God's love and care as well as how He wants me to work for Him. There are four dynamics included each quarter -

  1. Grace - Jesus loves me
  2. Community - we love each other
  3. Worship - I love you
  4. Service - we love you

The children enjoy singing, praying, doing crafts and learning about Jesus as they experience these different components of Sabbath School. At this level children are encouraged to come to Sabbath School on their own, however parents are welcome to attend if their child needs extra support. Click here for the Bible Study Guide

Primary - (Grade 1 through 3)

The Primary class shares God's word in a way that comes to life and will lead our children to come to know, love and serve Jesus Christ. Through exciting songs, heartfelt prayer time, great Bible stories of faith and interesting activities our children learn about Jesus in a fun and interactive way. Students are encouraged to come prepared to study their lesson and to know their memory verse. They are rewarded for their work and participation. As Jesus came to serve, the Primary class strives to give our children opportunities to serve in our church and the community. They are also taught about the importance of world missions. The Primary class encourages our children to passionately pursue God, to develop a personal relationship with Him, so that He will delight in using them to accomplish His plans. Click here for the Bible Study Guide

Junior - (Grade 4 through 6)

The GraceLinks PowerPoints Sabbath School Bible study guides are used for a dynamic Bible study experience. Nearly all the lessons are based on a Bible story taught from the perspective of the theme for the day -- the PowerPoint. Each week they use discussion time, small groups, and games to facilitate the learning and application of the PowerPoint. An integral part of the program is singing and prayer time, as well as hearing stories from Adventist Missions around the world. Click here for the Bible Study Guide

Earliteen - (Grade 7 through 8)

Earliteens learn and discuss the Real-Time Faith curriculum, which is based on God’s kingdom of grace, being a recruited agent (steward, citizen) of that kingdom, and the battle between it and the kingdom of evil. Being in God’s kingdom requires action—being doers and not just listeners (James 1:22) of how to live as God’s agents on this earth.

The first lesson of each quarter of the two-year cycle is a different portion of the Sermon on the Mount which is “at once Christ’s inaugural address as King of the kingdom of grace and also the constitution of the kingdom” (Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary, vol. 5, p. 322).

After the first lesson of each quarter each of the other twelve lessons (or sets of lessons) is about a different challenge, right, or privilege in the “real-time” of being an agent of God’s kingdom. Our goal is to guide young people to be fully engaged Christians and to make decisions now that will have life-long positive impact. Click here for the Bible Study Guide.

Youth - (Grade 9 - 12)

The purpose of the youth class is to invite our youth to commit to a personal relationship and lasting experience with Jesus Christ. The youth class has four priorities: an effective Bible study that is personal, practical and meaningful; development of a dynamic prayer life; providing impactful community outreach and service projects; and engaging in the work of the Gospel through missions. The class provides fun programs, activities and events that allow students to express their faith through their own words and actions; to encourage them to use their individual talents in programs and ministries that interest them; and to nurture and strengthen their spiritual faith through volunteer opportunities in the community. Click here for the Bible Study Guide