Every member growing spiritually and sharing their faith daily.


First and Fifth Sabbath of each month

9:30 -10:00 am all meet in sanctuary

10:00 am - 10:40 am meet in classes

Second, Third, Fourth Sabbath

9:30 - 10:40 am meet in classes

G.I.F.T. (Growing in Faith Together)

Through fellowship and discussion of the quarterly lesson this class will seek for... encourage to.... and learn to... live by faith. 

Lead Facilitator is Tom Edwards
Class meets in the AAA 7 th grade classroom located in the upstairs hallway first door on right.

The Bible Speaks

The study of God’s Word can provide spiritual nourishment daily will be the main focus of this class as the quarterly lesson is discussed. Together we will.... a) Search the Word (Acts 17:11) b) Share the Word (John 5:39) c) Live by His Word (2 Samuel 22:24).

Lead Facilitator is John Adu.
Class meets in the AAA 8 th grade classroom located in the upstairs hallway second door on right.

Spanish Class

Lesson study and in-depth lively discussion of the quarterly lesson is presented entirely in Spanish.

Lead Facilitator is Nestor Mogollón
Class meets in the AAA ESL room located in upstairs ‘old school’ hallway.

Reason for Faith

Have you ever been challenged on your faith? "But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect..." 1 Peter 3:15. Witnessing is not just about certain beliefs, but needs to start from wherever the people are! In this class we will talk about today's questions. What about relativism? Is there a God? What is evil? These questions are being pushed in the world, and we are commanded to be ready to give an answer to people who ask! Not just a tract or a statement, but a real, flesh and blood conversation, with reasons for our beliefs.

Lead Facilitator is David Fournier
Class meets in AAA 6th grade classroom (downstairs 4 th door on right)

Practical Christian Living for Millennials

Few things draw us closer to Christ then applying our faith daily. This class will help you discover your "why" as you develop a stronger relationship with Jesus. Designed for Millennials looking for a purpose. Please join us as we make connections and provide an opportunity to develop practical, everyday applications to your Christian walk. 

Lead facilitator is Cliff Wright.
Class meets in the AAA 5th grade Classroom (downstairs 3rd door on right)

In Step With Jesus 1

This six month study will assist new members as they begin their daily walk with Jesus. The first three months you will study “The Journey Begins”. It will help you understand how Jesus can be and is your Master, Teacher, Friend and Brother and what impact this can have on your daily life. “The Power of Love”, the second three month study, focuses on our need to return home to our heavenly Father - and the Father’s loving reaction to our return.

Lead Facilitator is Rae Tunney
Class meets in AAA 4th grade classroom (downstairs 2 nd door on right)

In Step With Jesus 2

This six month study is started after “In Step With Jesus 1" has been completed. The first three month study entitled “The Power of the Word” provides a comprehensive overview of God’s involvement in the history of humanity and an authoritative guide for our individual lives by reading and studying His Word, the Bible. The last three months “The Power of Mission” focuses on us as today’s disciples of Jesus and how we should consider to build our lives around His Commission and Commandment. The examples of how those first disciples, in the power of the Holy Spirit, carried out the instructions of Jesus is the main topic.

Lead Facilitator is Don Lowe
Class meets in AAA 3rd grade classroom (downstairs 1 st door on right)