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Welcome to Atholton

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” And educators live to inspire the minds of the next generation, to inspire them to build characters for this life and for the life to come. This week we recognize and dedicate teachers--all those who have answered the call to awaken understanding in students. And in the sixth part of the Elijah series, we’ll discover lessons of what really is, “Passing on the Mantle.” Welcome to Atholton!

Church and School Workbee

Join us on tomorrow, August 19, for a workbee to take care of some light maintenance and cleaning of the church and school prior to the opening of school on August 20. We will need folks to do some dusting, changing of light bulbs, fixing lockers, replacing batteries in restroom fixtures, cleaning pews, conditioning wood in the sanctuary, etc. All skill levels are needed. Work starts promptly at 10 am.

Don't Miss Church Retreat

Registration is now open for this year’s Church Retreat. Our special guest speaker will be Marquita Klinedinst. You will be able to enjoy a worshipful retreat in a relaxed atmosphere where there is something for everyone in the family, young and seasoned. Online registration has begun on August 14 so you can simply go to the church’s website at and click on the Church Retreat banner at the top of the page.

Hospitality Luncheon

Each week after the service, a complimentary vegetarian luncheon is provided downstairs in the gymnasium for visitors. Members wishing to join this meal are encouraged to bring an appropriate dish or two, enough to feed your own family and to help provide for our guests. Next Sabbath’s meal is hosted by Marilyn Perez’s team who’s menu plan is soups, salads, breads & spreads and fruit. For more information about any menu or to join a team, contact the weekly Team Leader or the Visitor Luncheon Coordinator, Beth Villanueva.

Pathfinder Registration

Pathfinder registration is open August 1 through 31. Please contact Sisi Cruz at: You can also find the information on the Pathfinder page of the church website.

40 Days of Prayer

Prayer is an awesome privilege as well as a Christian responsibility. Yet many Christians frequently neglect prayer, especially regular corporate prayer. Starting tomorrow, August 19, we will begin a church wide initiative to pray collectively for 40 days. You are encouraged to find a prayer partner, select a time that is convenient for both of you and join the others in the congregation who will also be reading daily and following the prayer points in Dennis Smith’s “40 Days: prayers and devotions to prepare for the second coming.” In addition, you are invited to join others participating in the 40 Days of Prayer each Friday evening from August 24 through September 21 at 7 pm for a one hour corporate season of prayer. You might already have a copy of this book but if not you can purchase on online or from the Adventist Book Center for $12.99, e-books are also available in iBooks and Kindle version for $6.99. Let’s unite and pray as the Lord has instructed His people to do.

Christ-Centered Prophecy

Coming to Columbia, MD-- Revelation Today will answer some of the most stirring questions about the Bible’s predictions and the events unfolding in front of our eyes. See how Christ is central to every subject giving people the answers to be free of fear and anxiety in these chaotic times. The seminar begins Sep 28 at the NAD Amphitheater. Ask now how you can participate!

Senior Ministries

SENIOR MINISTRIES is pleased to announce ATHOLTON’s SENIOR DAY - SEPTEMBER 22, 2018. The date coincides with the newly created National Senior Centenarian Day, an appropriate time to honor our Atholton Seniors. On Senior Day we will recognize and honor Atholton Seniors ages 70 + . Seniors (70+ and their spouse/caregiver) will be honored with a special luncheon in the gym after the Divine Hour.

August Senior Nugget

The monthly Senior Nugget is a service to all members, not just Seniors. The Senior Nugget provides informative information and tips that include: health care, care-giving, tax laws, Wills
& Trusts, nutrition, recipes and more. The August Senior Nugget features an Atholton Charter Member, Mildred (Millie) Robbins. Her interesting life is featured in the flyer on the Foyer counter, or may be viewed on the Atholton website.

The August Stewpot

The August 2018 edition of the Chesapeake Conference Stewardship Ministries’ The Stewpot is available in the church lobby.

Atholton Alligators Discovery & Adventurer Club

We invite you and your children ages 1-10 to join the Atholton Alligators Discovery & Adventurer Club!

Registration – Wednesday, August 29, 3:30-7 pm, in the church lobby.

Meetings – the third Wednesday of each month (September-May), 6:15p-8p, starting September 19.

The theme this year is — Fruit of the Spirit.

If you have any questions, please contact Anastasia Elliott: 443-765-8074,

For more information visit: adventurers-club

Publication Distribution Report for June 2018

In December 2011 the Growing In Faith Together Sabbath School Class established the Literature Distribution Project (donation basket is located in foyer). Since that time, thousands of Adventist Reviews, World Reports, Liberty magazines, quarterlies, Junior Guides, children’s material, miscellaneous pamphlets, and books have been given and distributed. Recipients include: veteran centers, National Children’s Center, shelters, hospitals, clinics, prison ministries and other locations. Thanks for your generous recycling assistance. Now all types of greeting cards (front of card only) are being accepted. Please remember to remove your personal information labels from all donated material.


Adventist Reviews 31

Pamphlets 13

Sabbath School Quarterlies 7

Miscellaneous 12

Children’s Material 37

Books 8

Greeting Card (fronts) 32

Prayer Vigil

Come join us the 3rd Friday of the month from 7:00 - 10:00pm for an amazing prayer experience. Our next Prayer Vigil is Sept. 21.

Library Lines

No doubt you are familiar with C.S. Lewis
as author of The Chronicles of Narnia and
Mere Christianity. But have you ever heard of The Great Divorce? No, it’s not about ending
a marriage. Rather, it’s about the “divorce” between heaven and hell, which Lewis tells as
a fantasy. And since we’ve recently experienced some encouraging sermons from Pastor Shawn titled “Victories of Heaven” and “Ultimate Communion,” I decided to revisit The Great Divorce, which is a new addition to your Atholton Church Library.

Imagine that those who have not made it to heaven are given a second chance. Imagine that Hell is a bleak city that grows larger and larger as its ghosts move further and further away from one another because they can’t stop fighting. Imagine a bus stop where these ghosts can wait in line for a vehicle that will take them on a visit to heaven. Lewis as narrator manages to get to the front of the line when the others jump out to settle scores with their enemies.

Once on the bus, Lewis describes a journey towards beautiful light, as the ghosts on the bus grow paler and paler. Heaven itself is a land so real that only its inhabitants, “the solid people,” can walk on blades of grass without slicing open their feet and drink water from rivers that flow as solid sheets of glass. Lewis happens upon conversations between the ghosts and the “solids” who have come to meet them and to convince them to remain in Heaven. One of the biggest stumbling blocks for the ghosts is that these beings were once liars, adulterers, and murderers on earth before they were washed in the blood of the Lamb. In fact, the most solid and beautiful of the beings is not someone who was famous on earth but rather a working- class woman named Sarah Smith who fostered many children. Everything is backwards in this Kingdom, and Lewis spares no mercy in his depiction of the theologian, university professor, and indulgent mother ghosts who refuse to accept the love of God.

“There are only two kinds of people in the end: those who say to God, ‘Thy will be done,’ and those to whom God says, in the end, ‘Thy will be done.’ All those that are in Hell choose it” (p. 75). Thus Lewis explains why no one from the bleak city ever decides to stay. Terese Thonus

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Worship Sabbath August 18, 2018

This week's service details, including sermon title, and scripture reading.Read More

Adult Sabbath School/Small Group Bible Study 9:30 a.m. - 10:40 a.m.

Children and Youth Sabbath School 9:30a.m. - 10:40 a.m.

The Church in Song - As We Gather 10:40 a.m.

The Church in Worship 10:50 a.m.

Worship in the Word "Passing on the Mantle," by Pastor Shawn Paris

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Week At A Glance

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August 18-25, 2018

Sabbath the 18th

9:30 am Adult Bible Study and Children's Sabbath School

10:50 am Worship Service with Pastor Shawn Paris

12:30 pm Fellowship Luncheon

7:57 pm Sunset

Sunday the 19th

10:00 am Workbee

Monday the 20th

Atholton Adventist Academy First Day of School

Tuesday the 21st

7:00 pm Natural Lifestyle Cooking Class

Wednesday the 22nd

10:00 am Midday Bible Study

12:00 pm Prayer Line: 605.468.8040 (access #2368)

7:00 pm Prayer Meeting

Friday the 24th

7:48 pm Sunset

Sabbath the 25th

9:30 am Adult Bible Study and Children's Sabbath School

10:50 am Worship Service with Pastor Shawn Paris

12:30 pm Hospitality Luncehon

2:00 pm Living Water Group Bible Study

7:47 pm Sunset

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Community News

School ReunionFull-School Reunion for Edgecombe Jr. Academy, Greater Baltimore Academy & Greater Baltimore Jr. Academy Date: September 15, 2018 - …Read More

School Reunion

Full-School Reunion for Edgecombe Jr. Academy, Greater Baltimore Academy & Greater Baltimore Jr. Academy

Date: September 15, 2018 - Time; Beginning 9:30 a.m. (Registration 9:00 a.m) Place: Atholton SDA Church.

For more information, please contact Marian (Schubert) Phillips. E-mail: or

Phone: 301-797-5291.

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Church Business

Offering ScheduleAugust 25 - Chesapeake AdvanceSeptember 1 - Atholton Combined Offering As of August 11, 2018Needed Weekly …Read More

Offering Schedule

  • August 25 - Chesapeake Advance
  • September 1 - Atholton Combined Offering

As of August 11, 2018

Needed Weekly $5,370
Received for the Week $4,043
Needed Fiscal YTD $32,219
Received Fiscal YTD $24,011
Surplus/(Needed) ($8,208)

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