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Welcome to Atholton

The Atholton Church exists to share the

everlasting gospel and promote healing in all

its facets. We are a large, diverse family that is

looking for the soon coming of Jesus. Today’s

topic will answer questions about how God will

bring evil to an end-- in a way to ensure it never

rises again. “Revelation’s 1000 Years & The

Lake of Fire.” Welcome to Atholton!

The Pastors Thank You

The Pastors wish to thank you for your

appreciation and support during Pastor

Appreciation month. They were truly surprised

and grateful for the warm and generous gifts

given to them and their families.

AAA Fundraiser

Join us for AAA’s First Annual Holiday

Fundraising Market, Nov. 11 from 10 to 2.

Purchase items to give as holiday gifts and

support the school at the same time. Do you

sell items that would make great holiday gifts?

We want you! If you are interested in being

a vendor or know of someone please contact

Candy Iverson at or Kayla

Souza at

Paris Family Farewell

The Atholton Church and school family has been

tremendously blessed by Pastor Shawn’s tireless

service over the last five years. Join us on

October 27 as we celebrate the Paris family with

a farewell luncheon.

Baby Shower for Yoeldi and William Irizarry!

A little guy is on the way!! Yoeldi and William

Irizarry are preparing to welcome their baby boy

in November – let’s shower them with love and


You are invited to attend an open house baby

shower for Baby Boy Irizarry on Sunday, October

28 in the Atholton Church’s gym. Feel free to

come-and-go between the hours of 3:00 – 5:00

p.m. Please bring some savory or sweet finger

foods to share!

Yoeldi and William have registered at Amazon.

Randy Chamberlain Memorial Service

The memorial service for Randy Chamberlain

will be held at the Atholton Church on Sunday,

October 21 at 12:30 pm. All are invited.

Cold Weather Shelter

Did you know that despite its affluence, Howard

County has a homeless problem which is

accentuated during the cold winter months?

Did you know that Atholton Church has worked

in conjunction with Howard County Government,

Grass Roots Crisis Intervention Center, and

several other neighboring churches to provide a

safe and warm haven for homeless families and

individuals during the cold winter weather—for

the past 13 years?

Once again this year, we will provide room

and board for homeless guests the week of

November 19-25 from the hours of 5:30 pm

through 7:00 am. Volunteers are needed to staff

the shelter each night during this time, provide

transportation for guests to and from the shelter,

provide meals, make lunches, and share God’s

love by being a friend.

Please see the insert of volunteer opportunities

to find the way you can use your talents to

help. Then sign up on the sheets in the school

hallway. Together we can make this important

ministry a success.

If you have any questions, please contact Diane

Baier at

Hospitality Luncheon

Thank you to our hospitality teams for faithfully

providing and preparing delicious meals for

our guests! This is a big commitment of time

and personal expense, so, members, when

you attend these meals, please support these

volunteers, as you are able, by bringing food for

your family and to share and by offering your

assistance during or after the meal. Thank you

so much to those of you who regularly do this. It

makes a big difference!

Each week after the service, a complimentary

vegetarian luncheon is provided downstairs in

the gymnasium for visitors. This Sabbath’s

menu is an open potluck. For next Sabbath’s

meal we will be honoring the Paris Family

with a farewell luncheon. Please join us and

bring some food to share, such as: entrees,

vegetables, fruits, salads, desserts and rolls.

The October Stewpot

The October 2018 edition of the Chesapeake

Conference Stewardship Ministries’ The Stewpot

is available in the church lobby.

October Senior Nugget

The October Senior Nugget features Dan

McQueen. Copies of his very interesting life

may be obtained in the foyer, or viewed on the

Atholton website.

The Senior Nugget is a periodical for all church

members to enjoy. The “Nugget” provides

helpful tips, unusual recipes (one is featured

this month), and other information for today’s

life-style, caregivers, individuals and families.

The Senior Nugget is provided Senior Ministries

to the church family and guests.

Publication Distribution Report for September 2018

In December 2011 the Growing In Faith

Together Sabbath School Class established

the Literature Distribution Project (donation

basket is located in foyer). Since that time,

thousands of Adventist Reviews, World Reports,

Liberty magazines, quarterlies, Junior Guides,

children’s material, miscellaneous pamphlets,

and books have been given and distributed.

Recipients include: veteran centers, National

Children’s Center, shelters, hospitals, clinics,

prison ministries and other locations. Thanks

for your generous recycling assistance. Now all

types of greeting cards (front of card only) are

being accepted. Please remember to remove

your personal information labels from all donated



Adventist Reviews 31

Pamphlets 15

Sabbath School Quarterlies 14

Miscellaneous 9

Children’s Material 78

Books 5

Greeting Card (fronts) 4

Library Lines

Praying the Names of God,Ann Spangler’s

devotional companion, engages the mind and

the spirit. In 26 chapters, Spangler investigates

25 names of God in the Old Testament and one

in the New (yes, you guessed it, Abba). Each

chapter includes five days of Scripture study,

meditation questions, and prayers around a

specific name of God.

Spangler begins with Elohim, plural form of

El. This is the “royal we” of God, not referring

to more than one God but rather to the God

above all Gods. Mentioned 2,500 times in the

Old Testament, Elohimreferences the Creator,

the Lord of heaven and earth. The second

chapter focuses on the story of Hagar and her

son Ishmael, cast out by Abraham and Sarah

to wander in the wilderness. Hagar’s God is

El Roi, “the one who sees me,” the one that

never forsakes His children and children’s

children. The third chapter reveals El Shaddai,

the Almighty. Spangler brings up the story of

Joseph, who was kidnapped, almost murdered,

sold into slavery, falsely accused of rape, and

thrown into prison while El Shaddaiworked

in mysterious ways to bring him to power.

“Nothing can prevent El Shaddai, our Almighty

God, from carrying out his plans and pouring

out his blessings on those who belong to Him”

(p. 48).

I have always been fascinated by names. In

fact, in my early academic career I researched

onomastics, the study of personal and place

names. Imagine how much more important

and powerful is this investigation of the names

of our Creator, Savior, and Almighty God! A rich

treasure-trove of information and inspiration

awaits you now at your Atholton Library.

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Worship Sabbath October 20, 2018

This week's service details, including sermon title, and scripture reading.Read More

Adult Sabbath School 9:30 - 10:40 a.m.

Children and Youth Sabbath School 9:30 a.m. - 10:40 a.m.

Meditation - 10:40 a.m. - 10:50 a.m.

The Church in Worship 10:50

Worship in the Word "Revelation's Lake of Fire" by Pastor John Rengifo

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Week At A Glance

A detailed preview of this weeks schedule of events.Read More

October 20-27, 2018

Sabbath the 20th

9:30 am Adult Bible Study and Children's Sabbath School

10:50 am Worship Service with Pastor John Rengifo

12:30 pm Fellowship Luncheon

6:19 pm Sunset

7:00 pm Revelation Today (location @ Atholton SDA Church)

Sunday the 21st

12:30 pm Memorial Service for Randy Chamberlain

7:00 pm Revelation Today (location @ Atholton SDA Church)

Monday the 22nd

7:00 pm Church Board Meeting

Tuesday the 23rd

7:00 pm Revelation Today (location @ Atholton SDA Church)

Wednesday the 24th

10:00 am Midday Bible Study

12:00 pm Prayer Line: 605.468.8040 (access #2368)

Friday the 26th

6:12 pm Sunset

7:00 pm Revelation Today (location @ Atholton SDA Church)

Sabbath the 27th

9:30 am Adult Bible Study and Children's Sabbath School

10:50 am Worship Service with Pastor Shawn Paris

12:30 pm Paris Family Farewell Luncheon

6:10 pm Sunset

7:00 pm Revelation Today (location @ Atholton SDA Church)

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Community News

Fall Concert - Free Admission The New England Youth Ensemble will bepresenting their Fall Concert tonight, Saturday,October 20, 2018 at 7:30 p.m. …Read More

Fall Concert - Free Admission

The New England Youth Ensemble will be

presenting their Fall Concert tonight, Saturday,

October 20, 2018 at 7:30 p.m. They will

perform works by Glinka, Grieg, and Haydn.

Featured soloist will be Ariana Parks, Junior

Music Performance major. Invite your family,

friends, and neighbors! Location: Washington

Adventist University, Leroy and Lois Peters

Music Center, 7711 Greenwood Ave., Takoma

Park, Maryland 20912. Free admission.

Homeschool Survey

If you or someone you know has chosen to

homeschool during the 2018-2019 school year,

we would like to encourage you to participate in

a survey by an Andrews University student. The

link is as follows: https://www.surveymonkey.


Andrews University Brunch

Are you an Andrews University alum? Or are

you a student considering attending Andrews

University? Join us for a complimentary brunch

at our Silver Spring regional event on Sunday,

November 4 at 11 a.m. at the Sheraton

Columbia Town Center Hotel, 10207 Wincopin

Circle, Columbia, MD 21044. Network with

Andrews alums, greet the president, enjoy

a delicious meal, and hear the latest news

from Andrews University. Reserve your spot

(it’s free!) at or by

contacting us at (269) 471-3591, alumni@ We hope to see you there!

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Church Business

Offering ScheduleOctober 27 - Chesapeake AdvanceNovember 3 - Atholton Combined Offering As of October 13, 2018Needed Weekly …Read More

Offering Schedule

  • October 27 - Chesapeake Advance
  • November 3 - Atholton Combined Offering

As of October 13, 2018

Needed Weekly $5,370
Received for the Week $3,601
Needed Fiscal YTD $80,548
Received Fiscal YTD $62,649
Surplus/(Needed) ($17,899)

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