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A schedule of this week's services and events, plus a list of selected upcoming events.

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Chesapeake Currents
Atholton Church is a part of a sisterhood of other congregations in Maryland and Delaware. This group of congregations is named Chesapeake Conference of Seventh-day Adventist. Read one of its recent newsletters in PDF format here.

A full listing of all the upcoming events by date and time is included on each of the monthly calendars below (other than the regular weekly Sabbath school at 9:30 am and worship services at 10:50 am each Sabbath {Saturday} morning). Updated monthly.

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Sabbath Preview for Worship on September 6
In this Sabbath’s sermon, “Church On the Rock,” Pastor Marsden will help remove our fears about the future as he shares this truth from God’s word: The church is built on the Solid Rock, Jesus Christ, our Savior and returning King. The key verse is Matthew 16:13-19.

As worship coordinator this week, Meredith has been blessed to choose music on this inspiring theme. One thing she enjoys doing when she has finished choosing music and putting the service order together is to look down the list of song titles and see if they make any sentences when strung together. When there is a thematic flow in the song topics, it’s amazing how often this works out! Sometimes by just adding an article or two and some punctuation there are beautiful complete sentences or paragraphs that preach a sermon in themselves. Look down this week’s list and you’ll even see a question and its answer!

Click on each song below to listen:

  "The Church Has One Foundation"
  "The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock"
  "We’ll Build On the Rock"
  "In Times Like These"
  "Where Do I Go?"
  "I’m Standing On the Solid Rock"
  "Jesus Messiah"
  "Rock of Ages"
  "I’m Hiding In Thee"
  "My Hope Is Built On Nothing Less"
  "We Have This Hope"

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