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From our Senior Pastor...
Pastor Shawn Paris became our Senior Pastor June 23, 2013. Previously he served as Associate Pastor for Youth Ministry at Spencerville Seventh-day Adventist church.

A Brief History...
From a small group meeting in the basement of one of our member's homes, to the approximately 550-member church family. And we're not done yet!

Vision & Mission Statements
See what we stand for and where we are going.

News & Newsletters
Stay current on every aspect of church life at Atholton. Sign up for our weekly email newsletter and learn what's going on.

Sabbath School Classes
Every Sabbath (Saturday) morning, we offer a variety of Bible study classes--from the very youngest family members to our youth and older members as well. There is something for everyone! Sabbath School is a 70-minute time of praising God through music, prayer, mission stories, and stimulating small-group Bible study. Participants are provided a free Bible study guide, containing weekly studies for each quarter of the year, which is used for home study during the week and provides the basis for discussion and exploration on Sabbath mornings. There are separate activities for children grouped according to their ages. Children’s classes are interactive, age-appropriate, Bible-learning experiences which the children love and look forward to each week. Even the very smallest receive age appropriate Bible instruction rather than just babysitting.

Worship Services
After bible study, stick around for our family-friendly after-service. This dynamic worship will fill, uplift and renew you each week.

This Week's Schedule
A schedule of services and other events for the current week -- plus a list of upcoming events.

Where Are We?
Don't know how to get here? Check out our online directions or print out a map.

What do Seventh-day Adventist Believe?
This describes some of the basic Biblical understandings of the Seventh-day Adventist church world-wide.

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